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The Rear Range Lighthouse is one of only a handful of skeletal towers still in existence in America. The main lighthouse structure, which is now inactive, includes a central cylindrical stair tower, a wooden watch room and a cypress lantern room.

Greenwood Communities and Resorts originally restored the structure in 1985 when it opened the lighthouse to the public. And a decorative sodium vapor optic was installed. You can view photos here of the lighthouse prior to this very extensive restoration.  


In 2019, the Hilton Head Rear Range Lighthouse underwent a very extensive renovation. This included:

  • the addition of a new cedar shingle roof, which was stained

  • replacement of 360-degree observation deck boards and structural wood areas

  • cleaning and treating of interior and cleaning of exterior

  • the structure was painted with an oil-based, marine-grade paint

  • the windows and doors were replaced and painted in a “Charleston Green”

  • overgrown foliage around the lighthouse was removed, and more.

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